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Fast, cost-effective solutions offering diplomatic protection and low-tax benefits for the entire family.

Fast-Track Paraguay ID

From $6,000

In just 2 days gain immediate travel access across the entire Mercosur region. Eligible for a Paraguayan passport after 3 years, with minimal stay requirements.

Fast-Track Panama Residency

From $8,000

In just a week receive a residency card valid for 6-month, followed by a 2-year extension (renewable). Obtain a Panamanian passport after 5 years, with minimal requirements.

Caribbean Citizenship

From $250,000

Start with a $50,000 deposit and receive your Caribbean passport in just 6 months.

We Take Care of Everything

Every premium package we offer is bundled with a full range of inclusive benefits.

Premium Economy Tickets
Personal Chauffeur
Luxury Hotel with Breakfast
Bank Account Setup
Company Incorporation
Expert Legal Support
Professional Accounting Services
Comprehensive Real Estate Tour
Comprehensive Real Estate Tour
Paraguay Passport

Fast-Track Paraguay ID

Paraguay Passport

Rapid Mercosur Access

Gain immediate travel privileges across Mercosur countries in just 2 days, opening doors to vast travel opportunities.

Premium Convenience Package

Includes Premium Economy flights, personal chauffeur, luxury hotel stays with breakfast, and comprehensive support for bank and company setup.

Complete Investment and Legal Support

Benefit from expert legal advice, professional accounting services, and a thorough real estate tour, including full support in property acquisition.

Pathway to Citizenship

Eligibility for a Paraguayan passport in 3 years, with minimal residency requirements, simplifying your journey to citizenship.


Mountains in Argentina

Mercosur, a South American trade bloc, presents a unique opportunity for enhanced mobility and business prospects.

By obtaining a Paraguayan ID, you gain unrestricted access to all Mercosur member countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and others.

This access not only allows for visa-free travel across these nations, but it also opens doors to diverse economic and investment opportunities in a rapidly developing market.

The Paraguayan ID acts as a key to exploring new cultural experiences, expanding business networks, and enjoying the economic benefits of being part of this dynamic economic area. Whether it’s for travel, business, or cultural exploration, the Paraguayan ID is a gateway to experiencing the rich diversity and potential of the Mercosur region.

Mountains in Argentina

Uncover Paraguay's Exclusive Offers

City of Asuncion
City of Asuncion
Panama Passport

Fast-Track Panama Residency

Panama Passport

Swift Residency and Passport Process

Secure a 6-month residency card in just one week, followed by a renewable 2-year extension, leading to Panamanian passport eligibility after 5 years.

Premium All-Inclusive Experience

The premium package covers Premium Economy flights, personal chauffeur service, luxury hotel accommodations with daily breakfast, and comprehensive assistance with banking and company incorporation.

Full-Scale Professional Assistance

Receive expert legal and accounting services, an extensive real estate tour, and complete support in property acquisition, ensuring a smooth transition to your new Panamanian citizenship.

Tailored Package Options

Choose between premium and starter packages to best suit your needs for the citizenship process.

Seeking Panama Investment Info?

Panama canal
Panama canal
Belize passport

Caribbean Citizenship

Belize passport

Efficient Passport Acquisition

Begin your journey to Caribbean citizenship with a $50,000 deposit and receive your passport in as little as 6 months.

Streamlined Process

A simplified and fast-tracked approach to obtaining your Caribbean passport, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Legal and Paperwork Support

Comprehensive assistance with all legal documentation, ensuring smooth operations.

24/7 Professional Assistance

Round-the-clock support for any business needs or inquiries.

Discover Our Belize Options

Belize beach
Belize beach

Your Global Freedom in 4 Easy Steps


Fast, Hassle-Free Process

Embark on a journey to global freedom with our swift, cost-effective approach that eliminates the usual complexities.


Family Inclusive

Extend these benefits to your entire family, ensuring their tranquility and security alongside yours.


Diplomatic Protection

Gain the assurance of diplomatic protection, adding an extra layer of safety and peace of mind to your global endeavors.


Benefit from Low-Tax Jurisdictions

Take advantage of low-tax jurisdictions, optimizing your financial health and enhancing your tranquility.

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